“You guys should really have a blog”

When a request like this is directed at you by enough people, you begin to take notice. Of course, people who suggest things like, “You guys should really have a blog” don’t actually have to do any of the work themselves. They just make suggestions.

But when you think about it, they’re right. So … after some pretty extensive research, months of planning and a commitment from our team to keep this thing as fresh as the produce section at the local supermarket, here we are.

The official launch of PERISCOPE — the Armada Medical Marketing blog! (applause)

Why blog? Simply put, it’s time that we practice what we preach. On a regular basis, we help our clients to demonstrate their own expertise as a way to earn business and differentiate their practice from competitors. As a professional services organization, we could use this forum for the same purpose.

However, PERISCOPE will act as your go-to medical marketing “resource,” and not be a bombardment of advertisements or self-serving blather. We’ve found that there is a great lack of objectivity in most of the medical marketing blogs we’ve found (read: our filthy competitors). Therefore, our goal is to provide information that can be useful to anyone looking to benefit from 257 years of specialized marketing experience.

By the way, that’s the combination of all of our experience — there isn’t anyone here who is actually 257 years old, despite what you may have heard about our PR Director.

So … what’s in store for the blog? Well, in the very near future, we’ll be covering such areas as conference marketing, social media, mobile web applications, tips for increasing publicity, how to improve direct mail response, choosing the right advertising mediums, where to find the best martini in town, and many useful topics for those who market medical products or health care services.

At some point in the future, if it turns out someone is actually reading this, we’ll initiate Q&A on a variety of topics to give our reader (or hopefully, readers) the opportunity to have their questions answered in both a timely and objective fashion.

Also, from time to time, we’ll keep you abreast of happenings within our own organization and the positive impact our work is having on behalf of our clients. Heck, we may even share our failures with you, so that you can learn from our mistakes. Although, you could be waiting for some time before such a failure takes place. Could be months. Years. Decades, maybe.

Please also follow our blog! You can subscribe via email by entering it in the box at the top right. As always, your comments are welcomed and encouraged, as are your questions, thoughts, complaints, rants, biting sarcasm or anything else you’d like to share. Our goal is to create and maintain the most useful and informative blog on medical marketing in existence, and we’d like to know if we’re succeeding in that goal.

Stay tuned…

Jim is Armada’s President.