Armada Medical Marketing Hires Michael Elmendorf as Business Development Manager

We’re excited to announce that Michael Elmendorf recently joined Armada Medical Marketing as Business Development Manager. Based out of our Denver headquarters, Michael is tasked with targeting, researching and strategically growing our client base through a dedicated new business effort.

“Armada has a high level expertise in working with a variety of medical device manufacturers and health care providers,” he said. “I’ll be looking for opportunities for the agency to work with companies who have marketing challenges that we are uniquely equipped to solve.”

Michael said Armada Medical Marketing’s integrated approach makes it ideal for health care companies that offer a product or service that has met resistance within the medical community and has not yet realized its full sales potential.

“Armada has a long and distinguished history of helping these companies to more effectively target and persuade physicians and other health care professionals, as well as the patients they serve,” he said.

“Furthermore, companies are now outsourcing and consolidating their marketing needs on a greater level. With this in mind, agencies that offer fully integrated services and can act as a more cross functional partner will be in greater demand. That’s why I’m extremely excited to work at Armada Medical Marketing.”

Michael previously worked in dental-surgical sales and corporate/charter jet sales. He lives in Denver and enjoys acting — recently playing the lead in a short film called “To Build a Fire” based on the Jack London short story of the same name. The film was well-received at various film festivals.

To chat with Michael about what Armada Medical Marketing can do for your business marketing needs, email him at or call 303-623-1190 x 228.


Jim is Armada’s President.