Q: How is Armada Providing Interactive Media to its Clients?

Today’s ad agency has to be technologically savvy if it wants to compete. Social media and mobile communications have changed much about the way companies market. Gone are the days when you can simply choose to place an ad in the daily newspaper, on the radio, or on local TV stations to reach your target audience. Today, your audience is influenced by a laundry list of different media:

  • Yahoo or Google
  • Mobile Apps
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Blogs via RSS Feeds
  • LinkedIn Discussions
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Email
  • Text Messages
  • Network/Cable Television
  • Hulu/Netflix
  • Traditional/Satellite Radio
  • Websites
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines


So how can a company with a limited budget advertise in all these places? Well, it can’t. And in some cases, it shouldn’t to comply with AdvaMed or PhRMA codes of ethics and government regulations affecting health care marketing. However, some ways that our clients have embraced new media include social media campaigns, online advertising, blog sites, interactive presentations and mobile applications.

Presented with opportunities to design and implement several new media projects, Armada first confirmed the assumptions that health care professionals were indeed embracing the technologies in their practice. Interestingly enough, within the next two years it is estimated that four out of five physicians will have smartphones.1 Bulletin Healthcare behavioral data indicates that 90 percent of mobile opens for physicians accessing news briefings occur on iPhone and iPad.2

With this information and more, Armada Medical Marketing is completing the following projects:













A new iPhone application which helps surgeons calculate patient body surface area (BSA) and then recommends the appropriately sized implantable device


A physician blog for a medical test manufacturer to highlight the importance of advanced cholesterol testing vs. the traditional lipid panel

An iPad library application that enables reps to access and view marketing collateral, videos and clinical papers when meeting with doctors without the need for tons of paper or even an Internet connection

A social media campaign informing women of the latest news and advancements in breast health

Armada continually creates online advertising campaigns for our clients involving banner ad placement, content, surveys and sponsored emails via leading industry websites and mobile applications.

Health care companies and medical practices of all sizes are implementing new media into their marketing mix. In addition to simply delivering marketing information to customers on the devices they are using, the added benefits of these campaigns involve the establishing of thought leadership, the image of a cutting-edge operation and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO).

Interested in a new media program tailored for your company? Contact me at 303-623-1190 x227.

1. Levy, Monique. Physicians in 2012: The Outlook for On Demand, Mobile, and Social Digital Media. Manhattan Research. Available at http://bit.ly/8S0guT.

2. Physician Mobile Use Grows 45%; Apple Dominates Android and Blackberry. www.medicalsmartphones.com. April 6, 2011. Available at http://t.co/13H9hqW.