New Name, New Brand

Client: Anova Cancer Care

Project: Comprehensive Rebranding, Renaming Campaign

Planning/Goals of Project:

Anova Cancer Care (formerly Denver CyberKnife) engaged Armada to create a comprehensive rebranding and lead generation campaign to support their recent name change. The direct-response lead-generation campaign was supported by a multimedia broadcast, newsprint and magazine advertising media buy, as well as an aggressive SEO campaign, and launched in early summer 2012.

Extensive consultation with our client and its physician outreach representatives revealed that, although the company had been marketing its services for several years, patients were generally uninformed of the benefits of CyberKnife treatment. For example, consumers were consistently surprised to learn that CyberKnife treatment is just as effective as other forms of cancer treatment; can be completed in five sessions; is non-invasive; and does not produce the typical side effects associated with surgery or other forms of radiation therapy. In short, the company had failed to find an advertising message that resonated with patients, accurately explaining the technology or effectively raising their expectations about cancer treatment.

Therefore, the goal of the multimedia direct-response advertising campaign was to better communicate the advantages of Anova’s CyberKnife cancer treatment in order to generate a greater number of qualified leads than previous advertising.

The primary target audience for this campaign was patients newly diagnosed with anatomical cancer (tumors in the prostate, lungs, liver, spine, brain, etc.) and their friends or family members. A secondary target audience of Front Range physicians included specialists in oncology, urology and neurology.

Project Implementation:

The communication pieces would need to be powerful, and effectively capture both the attention — and the imagination — of viewers. In addition, they should present a message of hope for those diagnosed with certain types of cancer. But most importantly, the pieces would need to be effective as direct-response, lead-generation tools.

Armada’s creative development strategy with the first two television spots was to pose a series of “What if” questions to the viewer: “What if technology could revolutionize cancer treatment?” and “What if we could replace the surgical knife with the CyberKnife?” The script was intended to engage the viewer with a series of thought-provoking questions and high-tech visuals to communicate the plausible fact that cancer treatment has indeed evolved. The third ad in the series would be based on a testimonial from one of the company’s former prostate cancer patients.

The two-page print spread “Evolved” ad demonstrated a series of major scientific advancements over the past decade, then posed the question, “If everything else has evolved, why hasn’t cancer treatment?” Full- and fractional-page versions of the “Evolved” ad were created for newsprint and run in The Denver Post in conjunction with the broadcast placements.

The final print ad was placed in Colorado Avid Golfer magazine. The piece highlighted the non-invasive nature of Anova’s prostate cancer treatment, and demonstrated its benefit over other therapies by touting the fact that it poses no restrictions to the patient’s lifestyle, even allowing them to play golf immediately after treatment.

All ads in the campaign contained direct-response mechanisms such as trackable phone numbers. Additionally, as a word play on the name “Anova,” each ad included the line: “Before you decide on cancer treatment, get Anova opinion.”


The multimedia campaign was responsible for generating 344 phone inquiries and more than 2,783 unique web site visitors. In-office patient consultations continue to be scheduled as a result of this campaign; however, because of the long lead time required for most treatment planning, it may take a year or more before the final patient tally resulting from the campaign is known.

In the months preceding the campaign, the client averaged seven phone inquiries per week. The direct-response broadcast campaign nearly tripled inquiries to an average of 20 phone inquiries per week—which has remained consistent for several weeks after the ads have run.


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Jim is Armada’s president.