Armada Medical Revamps Patient Education Program

Client: Renal Ventures Management

Project: RV CARE Patient Education Program 

Planning/Goals of the Project:

Armada Medical’s client Renal Ventures Management, the leading provider of dialysis services nationwide, is completely rewriting the standard of renal care through a series of innovative programs under the moniker RV CARE, or Renal Ventures Coaching for Actions, Results and Empowerment. Armada Medical was tasked to revamp the messaging and design of communications to be used throughout all aspects of the renal care process.

Managing Chronic Kidney Disease | Renal Ventures Management Infection is at its highest risk within the first 120 days of the transition to renal replacement therapy. The program was created to educate patients on the warning signs of infection so the patient can alert the physician earlier than later.

The RV CARE program and its suite of education materials aimed to:

  • Increase awareness about chronic kidney disease
  • Educate patients who are transitioning into dialysis care
  • Provide clinic coordinators with easy-to-teach and comprehensive education materials
  • Track progress through class quizzes to ensure knowledge retention

Project Implementation:

Armada Medical worked directly with the director of education for Renal Ventures to create a structured patient education program. A new look was created for the award-winning program that still incorporated the current brand and a new easy-to-read format including diagrams and images. In efforts to keep the program comprehensive on all levels, Armada Medical developed new content on a third-grade reading level for six classes which involved training presentations, quizzes, and course completion certification. Armada Medical took on the responsibility of printing and distributing the program materials to directly assist clinic coordinators.



Results and Evaluation:

Historically, the RV CARE program has been decreasing the percentage of hospitalizations and mortality rate since 2009. Adding a complementing education component to the program provides consistent information that will ultimately save lives with educated patients. RV CARE provided great feedback about the program innovations, and to date, the program has been positively received in two metro Texas markets.

“The facilitators guide has been helpful directing speakers on content topics,” said Laura Schmidt, RV CARE Director of Education. “The patient manual has terrific graphics for visual learners.”


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Brooke is an account manager at Armada Medical.