Sorin Group SCORES with New App

Client: Sorin Group

Project: SCORE Multimedia Application

Planning/Goals of the Project:

With increasingly strict regulations and policies impacting hospital operations, medical device manufacturers have been forced to reevaluate their selling propositions. Instead of focusing on product features, manufacturers must communicate how they can help hospitals comply with health care reform, electronic medical record integration, as well as risk and overall cost mitigation.

Sorin Group tasked Armada with devising an interactive tool for its sales team that demonstrated how the company and its comprehensive product line could help hospital OR teams meet or exceed new compliance standards through:

1) improved patient safety and decreased hospital readmission

2) reduced dependence on costly banked blood

3) reduced overall operational costs

Project Implementation:

When Armada began the project, Sorin Group had not approved the use of iPads for all sales representatives. The client opted to lower initial development costs with a PC-based Flash application for use on laptops. Armada devised a logo for the new sales tool and named it SCORE, an acronym for the Sorin Cardiac Operating Room Efficiencies program.

The resulting interface allows sales representatives to select the type of OR (either hybrid or traditional) in use at the customer’s or prospective hospital site. It then displays a three-dimensional operating room with all the equipment, accessories and disposables intended for the selected OR. When a Sorin Group product is selected, the clinical benefits related to safety, blood conservation and associated impact on costs are accessible.

Additionally, sales representatives can view a variety of PDFs of brochures, data sheets and catalogs from the Benefits tab or from within the Resource Library. The library is accessible by clicking on the laptop icon in the OR environment.

Results and Evaluation:

Sorin Group sales representatives immediately began using the SCORE program in the field. Since its introduction, the application has had multiple updates with new product and resource additions, and is now more robust with the addition of new ideas from the sales team and customers. The system has proven so popular with the sales team, that Armada is currently developing a program leave-behind and is producing a scope-of-work plan for converting the interactive PC-based SCOPE version to a native iPad application.

Armada earned a Bronze Leaf Award from the Colorado Healthcare Communicators for work on this new media project.


Julie is a partner and vice president of client services at Armada.