Niche Product Launch for Cardiac Surgeons Gains Fast Acceptance

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Client: Sorin Group

Project: Launch of the First Prosthetic Aorta with a Biological Heart Valve

Planning/Goals of the Project: 

Sorin Group, a global medical device company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, requested Armada Medical Marketing’s assistance to successfully launch the company’s latest innovation: the Mitroflow® Valsalva Conduit. The new device is a solution for patients requiring both an aortic valve replacement and a prosthetic aorta. Armada Medical developed product launch messaging and materials to effectively position the new FDA-approved biological valve product available for the procedure. The resulting collateral system was designed to:

  • Drive product and brand awareness and preference among cardiac surgeons 
  • Provide surgeons with the clinical information about the conduit’s immediate and long-term benefits
  • Create messaging to help surgeons rationalize use of the product with other decision-makers

Project Implementation: 

Cardiac surgeons, responsible for choosing materials for and performing aortic valve replacement and aortic graft procedures, are very detail-oriented and require a plethora of clinical evidence when making new product and therapy decisions for their patients. Therefore, Armada Medical developed positioning and noted supporting clinical data for the product in several educational and instructive materials, including:

  • A sales brochure which introduced the new product, its features and benefits as well as technical tips for implantation
  • A clinical brochure with evidence on the durability and hemodynamic characteristics of the product
  • A reprint carrier offering information on sizing and diagramming of the product
  • An operating room rack card for use as reference during surgery


Results and Evaluation: 

Since the product launch in November 2012, more than 1,500 packets were delivered to Sorin Group sales representatives. Based on this market use, Sorin Group concluded that sales doubled the projected amount.

Armada Medical Marketing’s work on behalf of Sorin Group was recognized with an award in Colorado’s Business Marking Association 2013 GOLD Key Awards.

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Matt is an Account Manager at Armada.