Facts, Stats and Graphs

Imagine the Power of Imagery160939709

2012 was the year of imagery and health care marketers strategically applied visuals to a variety of social and marketing platforms. 2013 is no different. For the health care industry, graphics alone may not get the point across. Therefore, infographics are a great route for health care marketers. Infographics provide graphic visuals that present data and information.

Get the Words to Stick

With the popularity of sites such as StumbleUpon, it is clear that attention spans are diminishing with the average person leaving a page within 10 to 20 seconds. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and text is only 7 percent of daily communication. That is not to say text is completely obsolete. Words play a major role in describing abstract ideas and conveying a specific message, which is important for health care marketing. But words are supplemental to visuals, which can help grasp a reader’s attention.

Stats Are Where It’s At

In addition to text and visuals, people absolutely love statistics. Statistics are a great way to provide credible healthcare information. Readers want measurable, quantifiable and comprehensive hard facts that allow them to understand health care services and industry information.

Infographics can be incredibly engaging and beneficial when used to achieve these goals with a target audience:

  • Attracting attention
  • Retaining attention
  • Assigning meaning
  • Engaging the reader
  • Painting a mental image
  • Collaborative marketing

Infographic_Health Benefits of Walking

Here is a great example of a health-related infographic. Readers will be more inclined to learn the health benefits of walking through an infographic than alternatively reading a paragraph of text.

Many health care marketers are hopping on the infographics bandwagon because it allows the reader to comprehend, interpret, and analyze complex health care information in a quick and clear manner.


Apply and Utilize

In the health care industry infographics can help garner attention and direct traffic towards your marketing events. For instance, Armada Medical works with Radiology Associates of Hartford and promotes an event called the Mammothon. Infographics about breast density, breast cancer statistics and early detection could help generate interest and participation in this event. As a follow-up, infographics could even narrate a case study through the story telling platform. The bottom line is, infographics can be a creative and effective way of intriguing your target market.


Calvin is Armada’s Account Coordinator.