Big Win at the Gold Leaf Awards

Remember when we so boldly said we expected a win at the 2011 Colorado Healthcare Communicators Gold Leaf Awards?

We’re staying true to our word and last Thursday took home four awards for excellence in marketing, public relations, social media and creative design. Armada received three Silver Leaf Awards and one Bronze Leaf Award for its work.

Armada’s team celebrating at the Gold Leaf Awards ceremony included (left to right): Dan Snyders, Micki Sievwright, Amanda Frank and Jim Koehler.

(Photograph ©2011 Barry Staver 303.880.8063)


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Changing Physician Practice Patterns, Part II

Marketing may be your best weapon

The Japanese consider business to be a form of warfare. Some American companies understand this, but medical manufacturers and practices are hesitant to adopt this line of thinking, perhaps due to the scientific or “collaborative” nature of the medical business. Doctors and researchers are collegial; they want to be respected, and an aggressive posture might negatively impact their reputation.

The bottom line, however, is this: You made a better device, test or treatment available because you knew you could make a difference.

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Changing Physician Practice Patterns, Part I

Fighting the good fight

Consider these scenarios:

A primary care doctor knows a CT scan of the lungs is more likely to reveal cancerous lesions, but orders a standard chest X-ray instead.

A gastroenterologist knows a 13C urea breath test is just as accurate as the endoscope at detecting H. pylori, but orders the scope anyway.

A cardiologist knows that the stress test is not as effective at determining heart attack risk as other tests, but continues to put his patients on the treadmill.

A cardiothoracic surgeon knows a particular heart valve would be better for her patient, but because her hospital refuses to purchase it, she uses an inferior device.

It is an outrage. You might even think it’s a crime.

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Making Lipids Sexy and Social

Client: Atherotech Diagnostics Lab

Project: Social media campaign with a blog leading the conversation

Planning/Goals of Project:

Armada’s challenge was to transform Michael Cobble, M.D., from a behind-the-scenes chief medical officer with a national diagnostic testing company (our client Atherotech Diagnostics Lab) into a well-known and respected expert in the field of lipidology.

The first and most important step in this process was to strategically position Dr. Cobble as a lipidology expert and key opinion leader using the most effective communication tools and platform. The primary platform we chose was the blog, a very powerful social media tool.

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Up in the Air: Marketing Insights from a Health Care Sales Exec

On my way home from a very enjoyable business trip to Minneapolis, I was fortunate enough to choose a seat by a VP of Sales for one of the world’s top orthopaedic device manufacturers. I couldn’t help but ask his point of view on the marketing tools that were most valuable to him and his sales team. His response was enlightening. Marketers, take heed:

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Why We Plan to Win Big (Again) at the Gold Leaf Awards

Entry deadlines are fast approaching for Colorado’s only member organization that exclusively honors local healthcare communicators and marketing professionals.

The Colorado Healthcare Communicators host the annual competition and this year is sure to have fierce competition. We are excited to enter many of our social media projects and new media accomplishments, including mobile applications. The 2011 Gold Leaf Awards are set for Thursday, October 13 at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver.

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