Meet Our Crew

It’s interesting when all of our employees’ backgrounds come together:

  • Most of us have family who also work in health care.
  • More than half of us have been happily employed by Armada for five-plus years.
  • We like beer.
  • We’re all using our college majors, be it journalism, public relations or marketing.
  • And, geez, there are a lot of Texans!

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Is the Super Bowl bad for your health?

And Armada’s Big Game Ad Analysis

Is watching the Super Bowl bad for your health? Experts came out before the championship match to say that the onslaught of junk food advertisements perpetuates America’s obesity epidemic.

Food and beverage companies paid millions to make up one-third of the ads aired Sunday, according to Advertising Age. (Car companies owned one-third or so, with the remainder split among websites, film studios, and retail chains.) With 111 million viewers — the most watched American TV broadcast ever — including millions of children, ads pitching high calorie foods, saturated fat snacks and carb-loaded drinks made their way into the American psyche and likely kitchen tables, too.

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Q: How Do I Submit a Question to Client S.O.S.?

A: Read this and contact us!

You have a challenge, and the resources normally available to you are either OTL, MIA or DOA. If you need help ASAP, we can help. PDQ.

Whether you have a question, need something sanity-checked or proofread, or wish to discuss a particular strategy or approach, let us know! All communication here is confidential, and you never know, we just might be able to help you stay afloat.



“You guys should really have a blog”

When a request like this is directed at you by enough people, you begin to take notice. Of course, people who suggest things like, “You guys should really have a blog” don’t actually have to do any of the work themselves. They just make suggestions.

But when you think about it, they’re right. So … after some pretty extensive research, months of planning and a commitment from our team to keep this thing as fresh as the produce section at the local supermarket, here we are.

The official launch of PERISCOPE — the Armada Medical Marketing blog! (applause)

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