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Thank you to our amazing clients for your hard work, dedication to marketing and willingness to trust even our most out-of-the-box recommendations! Without your support, these 2012 highlights would not exist!

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Running a Successful Mammothon

Client: Radiology Associates of Hartford

Project: Annual “Mammothon” Event

Planning/Goals of Project:

In early 2012, Radiology Associates of Hartford (RAH), a diagnostic imaging center based in Hartford, Conn., approached Armada to strategically organize a women’s health event aimed at promoting early detection of breast cancer and providing additional screening opportunities for women in their community.

Breast cancer is a familiar issue to many, but it’s of specific concern in Connecticut where the incidence of breast cancer is the second highest in the U.S. It’s well known that routine annual mammograms help improve breast cancer survival rates by providing early detection of cancer before symptoms develop. RAH wanted to provide an event that would not only promote their services, but also address this important community health issue and position their brand as a leader in advocating women’s health initiatives.

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Don’t Pass on Health this Thanksgiving

Add more healthy foods to your Thanksgiving dinner table

Since we work in medical marketing we constantly promote a healthy lifestyle to thwart heart disease, cancer and chronic disease … our clients do, too.

Ninety-one percent of Americans will eat turkey on thanksgiving. Lucky for those 286 million folks the low-fat and high-protein turkey breast is a good choice of poultry for a healthy diet. But it’s the plethora of side dishes that are the culprit in packing on the pounds:  mashed potatoes, Snickers salad, cranberry stuffing, pecan pie and other temptations.

The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day alone! To put this in perspective, a person weighing 150 pounds will need to run 7.5 mph for four hours (aka a marathon) in order to burn 4,500 calories!

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Agency Record Achieved at 2012 Gold Leaf Awards

Hard work pays off. And at this year’s Colorado Healthcare Communicators (CHC) 2012 Gold Leaf Awards, we were rewarded for our hard work in a big way!

Taking home three Silver Leaf Awards and four Bronze Leaf Awards, we set an internal agency record for the greatest number of awards won in a single competition specific to health care marketing. Here’s the run down of the winning projects:


Advertisements that worked

A couple of advertisements from the rebranding campaign for Anova Cancer Care made an impression and garnered results. The direct-response television ad campaign and two-page direct-response print ad used thought-provoking questions and dynamic, high-tech visuals to capture both the attention — and the imagination — of those newly diagnosed with certain types of cancer.

  • Silver Leaf Award: Broadcast Advertising — Anova Cancer Care, Direct Response TV
  • Bronze Leaf Award: Single Print Advertisement — Anova Cancer Care, Cancer Treatment Evolved


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New Name, New Brand

Client: Anova Cancer Care

Project: Comprehensive Rebranding, Renaming Campaign

Planning/Goals of Project:

Anova Cancer Care (formerly Denver CyberKnife) engaged Armada to create a comprehensive rebranding and lead generation campaign to support their recent name change. The direct-response lead-generation campaign was supported by a multimedia broadcast, newsprint and magazine advertising media buy, as well as an aggressive SEO campaign, and launched in early summer 2012.

Extensive consultation with our client and its physician outreach representatives revealed that, although the company had been marketing its services for several years, patients were generally uninformed of the benefits of CyberKnife treatment. For example, consumers were consistently surprised to learn that CyberKnife treatment is just as effective as other forms of cancer treatment; can be completed in five sessions; is non-invasive; and does not produce the typical side effects associated with surgery or other forms of radiation therapy. In short, the company had failed to find an advertising message that resonated with patients, accurately explaining the technology or effectively raising their expectations about cancer treatment.

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Looking for a Talented Marketer!

We’re adding to our team here at Armada Medical Marketing! We are looking for a highly motivated, health care marketing superstar for a Marketing Account Coordinator position. The selected candidate will become an integral part of our client services division, where we strive to be true strategic marketing partners to our clients, operating as an extension of their internal marketing teams.


The selected candidate will have the following attributes:

  • bachelor’s degree in a marketing-related field
  • quick problem-solving talents
  • advertising, direct mail, web and other interactive/social media campaign familiarity
  • excellent organization and team-building skills
  • ambition and optimism
  • willingness and ability to multitask


If you are ready for a challenge, and think you have what it takes to grow your role within our agency, please email your cover letter, resume and salary history/requirements.

To apply, email all requested documents to Jennifer Crump-Bertram. (No phone calls please.)

Armada will accept applications from 9/10 to 10/29.

Jennifer is the Senior Account Manager at Armada Medical Marketing.


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