Dr. Seuss and Medical Marketing: Not Odd Friends Indeed!

Armada BoothSpring at Armada means we are gearing up for some of the annual industry conferences at which we attend or exhibit. Our preparations for these conferences had all of us asking, “If we were our own client, what marketing recommendations would we give?” And, then a funny thing happened. A quote from Dr. Seuss found its way into our brainstorming meeting and took hold. Or, to put it in Dr. Seuss terms, we “Thought left and thought right and thought low and thought high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if you only try.”

The question of, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” inspired us to design a new marketing campaign for our agency. Using the genius and simplicity that Dr. Seuss’s words and characters embody, we decided to creatively position our brand and have a little fun while doing it. Once we nailed down the central theme, our art director got busy creating original Dr. Seuss-inspired characters. Sketches of those characters then became the basis of a new trade show booth we designed, complete with a very Seuss-ical banner display that lets passersby know at a glance that Armada’s core competencies are branding, social media, digital marketing, advertising and public relations.

Direct mailerTo support our new trade show booth, we designed two different pre-show mailers using our original Dr. Seuss-themed artwork and Dr. Seuss-esque language. We also designed posters that serve as tabletop displays of work from our portfolio. The tabletop posters use the same color scheme as the new trade show booth and the Dr. Seuss-like font for an overall coordinated look. We chose teal and lime green as the primary colors on all of the marketing collateral we created to reflect Armada’s new, more modern visual branding launched at the beginning of the year. We have even committed to making our clothes tie-in with the Dr. Seuss theme. What can we say? When we commit, we commit!

We like this approach to marketing ourselves because it is different. It’s eye catching and engages the audience with humor. And, just like Dr. Seuss, meaningful and serious messages are delivered. But in a way that’s creative enough to garner our brand top-of-mind awareness. Or, to quote the poet yet again whose famous words and images have been captivating people for generations, “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed).”




Keeping the Armada Brand Healthy!

An exciting, challenging and promising 2014 is in store for medical marketing. As a new health care landscape takes shape, Armada Medical is positioned stay ahead of the game, starting with a branding update.

The Armada Medical Marketing 2014 update better reflects what our brand actually delivers. We’re still an agency with an arsenal of marketing firepower, but one that is agilely maneuvering our clients through the turbulent seas of restrictions, regulations and guidelines that impact medical marketing.

As we describe in our opening webpage statement, we understand that highly skeptical and time-challenged audiences require more precisely targeted, persuasive and intelligent messages than ever before—and it was time to update our brand to better reflect that we are uniquely positioned to do just that.


Armada Medical Marketing LogoThe Brand

Originally developed in 2002, the Armada brand depicted a traditional “fleet” of ships. This represented the arsenal of health care marketing power and resources that our agency could deliver for our clients. However, the image, style and technology behind the original brand were becoming dated and stale.

Our more modern, streamlined brand identity reflects the forward momentum and continuous innovation that we provide to our clients, helping them prevail over the confusion, the competitors and even the complacency that can reach into the very soul of medical marketing.

The new logo maintains a tie to our original logo and its well-established branding — something our clients and business prospects still recognize as Armada. We kept the original font and removed the drop shadow to further simplify the image. We have also updated the color palette to greens and blues, which are often associated with healing, dependability and freshness. These attributes resonate with sellers and consumers of health care products and services, and are meaningful to health care professionals and their patients.


Armada website comparision
The Website

With the new logo finalized, our next task was to update the website with the new branding. Because the old site included flash-based moving parts and navigation, and since flash is no longer supported on many mobile and tablet devices, a total redesign was in order.

The result is a new, fully updated and responsive Armada Medical website that is easily viewed on mobile and tablet devices, as well as traditional desktops. The content has been reorganized so that navigation is easier to see and simpler to use. We shifted the focus from the ship theme to a large, rotating banner of our agency’s strengths. The result is a site that’s much cleaner, easier to read and navigate, and more modern looking in coordination with the updated visual branding.


Home Page Scroller

Included in the website redesign is a home page scroller that moves though the major sections of the website. This provides clearly visible and instant access to the most important sections of the site, enabling the visitor to quickly discover what we’re all about.


The Portfolio

Armada PortfolioThe Portfolio section of the Armada website also underwent a significant update. The old flash-based technology called up another smaller window on the website (see example of old portfolio), making the images smaller and harder to navigate.

The new section includes a java script portfolio that is responsive (resizes to the users screen) and has our service categories across the top for ease of navigation, with thumbnails below for quick and easy viewing of our work samples.


Team Page

We’ve also added a new “meet our team” feature. This may seem like a small addition, but we wanted our clients to feel more connected to us and know the team that is working hard for their company. Visitors can now put a face to the name, and the page comes with a surprise roll-over option to let visitors know we are an intelligent and hard working – but also fun – group to work with!


Armada Medical Marketing new branding collateral

The Other Stuff

Of course, after updating our logo and website, our job was still not done. After the rebranding and website updates, all of the agency’s marketing collateral was updated to make sure our new brand was consistent in all of our communications both external and internal.

We hope you enjoy our refreshed new look as we sail through the changing world of medical marketing, experiencing the challenges and rewards of amazing services and incredible technology every day.



Marketing Interventional Radiology to Hospital Physicians

Client: Affiliates in Imaging

Project: Physician-Marketing Campaign to Promote Interventional Radiology Services

Planning/Goals of the Project:

Affiliates in Imaging is a group of more than 20 radiologists in San Francisco and the Bay Area specializing in both diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology (IR). The group contracts with area hospitals and medical centers to provide expert diagnostic imaging interpretation and minimally invasive treatments.

In 2011, the radiology group implemented some positive changes as well as new services to improve its image among hospital partners. Affiliates hired Armada to help communicate these changes to hospital-based physicians in a marketing communications program — the effectiveness of which would be evaluated in an annual survey of these physicians.

In this first year of working together, Armada helped Affiliates increase physicians’ favorable perceptions of its radiology services in all key measured areas, compared with 2010 survey results.

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Five Insights: Capitalize on a LinkedIn Company Page

Insights on Capitalizing on LinkedIn Company PagesWe recently attended the Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-Saint Paul event (SMBMSP) and got to thinking about LinkedIn and its hidden opportunities to promote your medical device company, outpatient clinic, hospital or health care product line.

LinkedIn is a social network with over 116 million users and its offerings for the health care industry is growing at an exponential pace. And a company page allows your brand to reach your target clients, future employees, potential business partners and even consumers. Share your brand messages, specialties and services, and latest news through a successfully built LinkedIn company page. With a few simple steps you can capitalize on a LinkedIn page’s ability to promote product awareness and expand company reach. Our team compiled a handful of tactics to get you started:

1) Images are Powerful

LinkedIn recently upgraded its visual options and now allows panoramic images for your company page — similar to the banner photos on Facebook pages. Since it is the first thing a person sees when visiting your company page, choose this image wisely. Highlight an event, health awareness month, service, physician or product, and create a visually appealing cover photo that best represents the work environment. Paul DeBettignies, an IT recruiter who blogs at Minnesota Headhunter, suggests changing the banner image quarterly to gain exposure and to show up in your followers’ news feeds more often. You’ll start to see more people taking notice of your page and your brand.

Armada Medical Marketing’s LinkedIn cover photo promotes each of our social media channels and provides a “call to action” to encourage viewers to connect and follow.

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Facts, Stats and Graphs

Imagine the Power of Imagery160939709

2012 was the year of imagery and health care marketers strategically applied visuals to a variety of social and marketing platforms. 2013 is no different. For the health care industry, graphics alone may not get the point across. Therefore, infographics are a great route for health care marketers. Infographics provide graphic visuals that present data and information.

Get the Words to Stick

With the popularity of sites such as StumbleUpon, it is clear that attention spans are diminishing with the average person leaving a page within 10 to 20 seconds. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and text is only 7 percent of daily communication. That is not to say text is completely obsolete. Words play a major role in describing abstract ideas and conveying a specific message, which is important for health care marketing. But words are supplemental to visuals, which can help grasp a reader’s attention.

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Agency Record Achieved at 2012 Gold Leaf Awards

Hard work pays off. And at this year’s Colorado Healthcare Communicators (CHC) 2012 Gold Leaf Awards, we were rewarded for our hard work in a big way!

Taking home three Silver Leaf Awards and four Bronze Leaf Awards, we set an internal agency record for the greatest number of awards won in a single competition specific to health care marketing. Here’s the run down of the winning projects:


Advertisements that worked

A couple of advertisements from the rebranding campaign for Anova Cancer Care made an impression and garnered results. The direct-response television ad campaign and two-page direct-response print ad used thought-provoking questions and dynamic, high-tech visuals to capture both the attention — and the imagination — of those newly diagnosed with certain types of cancer.

  • Silver Leaf Award: Broadcast Advertising — Anova Cancer Care, Direct Response TV
  • Bronze Leaf Award: Single Print Advertisement — Anova Cancer Care, Cancer Treatment Evolved


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